The Pap New Technology Award

The Stephen and Holly Pap New Technology Award was established in the fall of 2013.  The Award will be given, from time to time, to the paper that most shows how NEW medical technology contributed directly to patient care and, in Dr. Pap’s words, “made it possible to work more efficiently and creatively, as it pertains to database management, to office personnel networking, to image-photography documentation, to surgical procedures, to patient monitoring and physical diagnosis, or more.”

The Stephen and Holly Pap New Technology Award can apply to any Long Paper (7 minutes), even if the paper is selected for the Murray Competition Award or the Founders’ Award.  After review by the Program Chair and his/her Program Committee, the paper must have been determined to fulfill the criteria established by Dr. Pap.  The recipient of The Stephen and Holly Pap New Technology Award will receive a monetary award, funded by Hands Across The World, which was founded by Dr. Stephen A. Pap (1963 – 2013) in 2003.

This award is not necessarily awarded annually.
2018   Manchester Village, VT  - 
Lohrasb Ross Sayadi, MD  ~
for his paper entitled “Projected Stencils in Plastic Surgery”

2016   Bretton Woods, NH  - 
A. Samandar Dowlatshahi, MD  ~
for his paper entitled “Continuous Telemonitoring of Flap Physiology in Free Tissue Transfer Using Artificial Intelligence: Prototype and Proof of Concept”

2015   Westbrook, CT  - 
Christopher D. Hughes, MD, MPH  ~
for his paper entitled “Remote Digital Preoperative Assessments for Cleft Lip and Palate May Improve Clinical and Cost Effectiveness for Global Plastic Surgery”